Vimax Pills Review

Produced and sold by the Vimax Group for over 10 years, Vimax Pills is an enhancement supplement for men. The product was created by combining seven active and natural ingredients. This combination was then processed and packaged into pills.

According to the manufacturer, these pills promote blood flow in the male reproductive organ, improve erections, and heighten men’s sexual capacities. In this review, we are going to look into the truthfulness of these claims.

About the Manufacturer

The Vimax Group says that they employ a team of more than 100 pharmaceutical scientists and herbalists. Most of the members of this team have been working for the company for 18 years.

The company creates its dietary supplements through contracts with other manufacturers. They also claim:

  • The manufacturers are authorized by Health Canada.
  • They are certified by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • Their dietary supplements are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

However, be warned that the FDA has released an advisory for Vimax Pills. You can read the announcement near the end of this review.

How the Pills Function

Most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction also suffer from a pre-existing health condition that doesn’t allow efficient blood circulation. Minimal blood circulation in the penis means less stimulation and less sexual drive. It’s tough to achieve a full erection.

With that said, the Vimax Pills claim to have the ability to significantly increase blood circulation, thus promoting better erections and stronger sexual drives. This increased circulation is due to the blend of herbal ingredients in the pills that supposedly expands the blood vessels. Expanded vessels mean more blood moving in and out of the vessels.

Benefits According to the Manufacturer

These are the benefits of taking the pills, according to the makers. Needless to say, you should take these with a grain of salt. Take note of these because these are what you’re supposed to get from ingesting the pills. I’ve also added my comments on these claims.

  • Men with erect penises that are less than six inches can benefit the most from the pills. This doesn’t seem to make any sense. Since the pills can expand blood vessels, they should be able to help any man regardless of the penis size and length.
  • The pills were recommended by a doctor named Mario Dumitrasco. A quick Google search of the name will return results, most of which are related to Vimax Pills. Not very encouraging at all.
  • The pills increase sexual pleasure and drive. This is a claim you can only prove by taking the pills and recording your results.
  • The pills were made from natural and safe herbal ingredients. There is minimal controversy here as the ingredients listed are all reasonably safe when ingested by humans.

List of Ingredients

  • Vitamin E – There’s a reason why Vitamin E is dubbed as the “sex vitamin”. It’s often associated with longevity and youthfulness. 1
  • Ginkgo biloba – This extract has the unique ability to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide, in turn, expands blood vessels. This leads to better blood circulation in the penis. 2
  • Ginseng – Widely known as the king of all herbs, ginseng is found in almost all male enhancement products because if its ability to boost male libido. 3
  • Cayenne pepper – This is not a very common ingredient in male enhancement products because there’s very little evidence showing any connection between it and libido. It has an effect on the body’s metabolism, so this might have a positive impact on a man’s sexual drive.
  • Saw palmetto – This is proven to have very beneficial effects on the prostate. It follows that if a man has a healthier prostate, his sexual life is also better. It’s good, especially for aging men. 4
  • Oat straw extract (Avena sativa) – This contains a compound called avenanthramides, which boosts nitric oxides. As we have mentioned earlier, nitric oxide is good in expanding the blood vessels. 5
  • Rice flour – This contains recombinant human lactoferrin, which can improve and hasten the growth of healthy new cells. As to how this affects the libido is not clearly known. That said, this ingredient can be removed from Vimax Pills without any significant effect on their efficacy.

Dosage and Intake Frequency

As per instructions by the company, you are supposed to take one pill a day. And you should take it within 30 minutes of eating. However, the company doesn’t prescribe the exact time of the day, which means you can take the pill any time during the day. But you need to take the same pill at the same time in the coming days.

There are 30 pills in a bottle of Vimax Pills, so it will last for about a month. You can also take a pill 30 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse.


  • The pills come with a 100% refund policy. You have two months to use the products. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return it and ask for a refund. They will also refund your shipping costs.
  • The pills are packaged, shipped, and delivered discreetly. No one can know that you are receiving male enhancement supplements.
  • You can purchase Vimax Pills without a prescription. This means you can easily order the pills online.
  • The pills were made from natural herbal ingredients. So there are minimal health risks involved.


  • The Food and Drug Administration or FDA had issued an advisory against the product back in 2015. The agency found out that the pills contain a compound called Tadalafil, which the company did not disclose. If the FDA issues a warning against a supplement, you know it’s serious and potentially dangerous.
  • The pills don’t contain L-Arginine. This is an ingredient that has been proven to be very useful in boosting penis erection. It’s shocking that the company decided to exclude this from the active ingredients of the pills.
  • It takes a long time before the user can experience maximum results from taking the pills. Full effects can only be experienced in the second month. This means if you want to experience the full potential of the tablets, purchase at least two bottles of the product.
  • The pills don’t increase penis size. A lot of men tend to buy the pills thinking that these will help them grow bigger penises. No, the Vimax Pills are not designed to increase length or girth. In fairness to the company, they don’t claim that the pills can help grow bigger penises.

User Reviews

Positive Reviews

This user says he’s satisfied with the results he got from taking the pills.

This user commends the efficacy of the pills in helping him achieve stronger and longer erections and orgasms.

Negative Reviews

This user doesn’t buy the claim that taking pills can enlarge the penis. He likens it to a placebo effect.

This user says he once used the pills but got no results in return.

What about Side Effects?

In taking the Vimax Pills, there’s a possibility that you might experience any of the following side effects. Some of these side effects can occur instantly, or they develop as you continue to take the pills in weeks.

  • Sudden mood changes
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rates
  • Dizziness
  • Constant itching
  • Loss of appetite either gradual or sudden
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Insomnia

Pricing Table (Plus Other Vimax Products)

Product Name Price Quantity
Vimax Pills $49.95/bottle 30 capsules
Vimax Volume $42.95/bottle 30 capsules
Vimax Ultra $44.95/bottle 30 capsules
Extender $99.00 Device

Vimax Volume – this is a dietary supplement that comes in capsules. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. Its main ingredients are lingzhi, kelp, hong hua fen, tian men tong, xian mao, and ku gua. The company claims that these capsules don’t have any side effects and that these are safe for men of all ages.

Vimax Ultra – in capsule form, these supplements were specifically designed and processed to supposedly maintain a balanced testosterone level in the body. Unlike other Vimax products, this supplement contains only three main active ingredients. These are cayenne pepper, ginkgo, and Tribulus fruit extract.

Extender – this is a male enlargement device that claims to increase the length and girth of your penis.

Alternatives and Competitors

  • SizeGenix – This has two essential ingredients that can’t be found in Vimax Pills. These are Butea Superba and Niacin. This is not a very popular male enhancement supplement. Still, it’s worth trying because you might get better results from the different ingredients.
  • Male Extra – Many men use this pill instead of Vimax because it contains L-Arginine and Zinc. These are ingredients that have been proven to boost male sexual drive and longevity. And they generate faster results compared to Vimax. Male Extra is a bit more expensive, but it’s quicker in getting results.
  • Viagra – There’s a reason why Viagra is one of the most popular drugs for erectile dysfunction. It brings positive results for millions of men. And it’s approved by the FDA. Yes, it’s way more expensive, but the results speak for themselves.
  • VigRX Plus – Among the alternatives discussed in this list, this pill shares the most common things with Vimax. They both contain Ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, and saw palmetto. However, VigRX Plus has additional ingredients that are not in Vimax. These ingredients include Epimedium, Muira Puama, and Tribulus Terrestris.

FDA Advisory

FDA Advisory about VimaxThe above screenshot was taken from the official FDA website.6

Final Verdict

As was discussed in this review, Vimax Pills have their benefits, but the question is “are these benefits worth it”? You shouldn’t expect much if you are going to use this product.

We’ve mentioned that it can take up to two months before you experience the full results. There’s also the fact that the product doesn’t contain important ingredients like L-Arginine and Zinc, which are well-proven for their boosting effects on male sexual drive.

And of course, you also have to consider the advisory issued by the FDA against the pills. This is a critical advisory that should be taken seriously by users. The bottom line is that you can use Vimax Pills, but you should be fully aware of the potential health risks.



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