SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics is a penis extender. It aims to increase the length and girth of your organ. To achieve this, users are instructed to apply the device as regularly as possible. The more you use the device, the better results you get.

SizeGenetics Package

The device comes with several accessories that help in generating more efficient results. The device is available in four different packages. The accessories in each package have different purposes. You get to choose the package that suits your specific needs.

One crucial benefit of SizeGenetics is that it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How the Device Works

To understand how SizeGenetics works, you have to be knowledgeable about how muscles grow. Think of bodybuilders who lift weights. The heavier weights they raise, the bigger their muscles become.

Lifting weights creates micro-tears in their muscles. Cell muscles then duplicate themselves as they try to heal and recover. Naturally, these muscles become firmer, more substantial, and more durable.

The same principle applies to the traction system in SizeGenetics. The traction induces cell stretching, which also causes small tears in the penis muscles. As these tears heal, new tissues are created.

Conducted in extended periods, these small growths combined can significantly increase the length and girth of the penis. 1

You will receive faster and better results if the device has higher traction options. Fortunately, SizeGenetics has sizable traction of 2,800 grams of tension. That’s much higher compared to most penis extenders.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should apply the highest traction tension to your penis. You still have to find the traction level that you are most comfortable with.

How to Use the Device

It’s recommended that you use the SizeGenetics device only when your penis is at a flaccid state. Remember that this is a small gadget, so it probably won’t accommodate your fully erect penis.

When putting on the device, you should wear loose and comfortable pants. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you should use the device:

  1. Allow your penis to dry and wait for it to be in a flaccid state.
  2. Hold the device horizontally then slowly insert your flaccid penis through the base ring. When the ring touches the base of your penis, fasten it securely to prevent it from falling.
  3. With the base ring secure, you should also fasten and secure the silicone ring to the penis’s head. Don’t fasten the silicon ring too loose or too tight.
  4. Strap and adjust the gadget’s comfort pad.
  5. With the device secure and fastened correctly, you can now begin adjusting the tension and traction levels. You can do this by slowly changing the two metal bars that run along the penis. Just turn the knobs to increase or decrease the tension.

You shouldn’t put too much tension, especially if you are using it for the first time. What you should do is start at lower traction levels then gradually increase the traction as your penis gets used to the device.

As we stated earlier, you should wear loose-fitting pants if you are going to use the device. Tight-fitting pants can interfere with the equipment and cause irritation and other forms of discomfort.

How to Optimize the Benefits

Keep in mind that the results you get from SizeGenetics are linked to the number of hours you use it. The more you use it, the more benefits you get. The company recommends that you apply the device between 5 to 8 hours every day. 2

You don’t have to use the device for 5 or 8 straight hours because that seems impractical. What you can do is use the device in 2-hour increments.

For example, put on the device for two hours, remove it, let your penis rest and recover, then put it again, and wait for another two hours. Follow the cycle until you achieve 5 to 8 hours of usage.

If you work in a setting where it’s almost impossible to wear the device for long periods, you can consider using it at night. Just put it on before you sleep.

However, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach because it can damage the device or even injure you in your groin area.


  1. The device was manufactured using sturdy materials. Its durability makes it a worthy investment. The device doesn’t have many movable parts that may wear and tear with heavy usage. You can use the device for years without substantial losses in traction or tension.
  2. The overall design of the device is much better compared to the competition. You can feel the difference when handling the device. A lot of thought was put into the design of the product.
  3. It has a very efficient traction system. What this means is that adjusting the tension or traction is a breeze. There’s little room for error. This is important because too little traction means you get minimal results. Too much pressure can cause harm to your penis.
  4. It was designed and created by a reputable company. The makers of this device have been in business for about two decades now. That means they have the experience, and they are knowledgeable about the needs and wants of men.
  5. It offers long-lasting results. The gains you receive from using SizeGenetics can stay with you for a long time if you keep using it. However, you have to understand that these gains are not permanent in the same sense that muscle gains by weight lifters are permanent.

If they stop lifting weights, the muscle gains will gradually go away. The same principle applies to gains in penis length and girth.

  1. It is comfortable to use. Of course, you will experience some discomfort in the beginning, but these should go away as your penis adjusts to the device. Most often than not, these discomforts are caused by improper usage of the device.
  2. It may help in improving erections. With a bigger penis, your confidence during a sexual encounter will naturally get to higher levels. With the extra arousal, your penis will enjoy better blood circulation.
  3. It may help in fixing a curved penis. Curvature in the penis is most commonly caused by Peyronie’s disease.
  1. It’s an affordable alternative to costly male enhancement methods. The amount you spend on purchasing an extender is a pittance compared to the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you might spend on surgery and enhancement pills.3
  1. The device comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can use the device for up to 180 days or six months. If you are not satisfied because you are not getting any results, you can return the product and request a complete refund.

However, refunds are available only to those who purchase the device from the official website.


  • It is more expensive compared to similar penis extenders. If you are in a tight budget, SizeGenetics can be a substantial investment because of the higher price tag. However, you need to take into account the overall quality of the device.
  • You are going to spend hours every day using the device. As discussed earlier in this review, you need to wear the device between 5 to 8 hours a day. This can be too bothersome to many people.

If you are serious about getting results from this device, you need to invest hundreds of hours using it.

  • The metal parts of the device are cold. This can cause you a lot of discomfort, especially if you live in a frigid region. Cold metal parts touching your penis for hours at a time isn’t enjoyable at all.
  • You must have a lot of patience and commitment. You have to wear the device every day for several hours. You have to remove the device every time you take a bathroom break. This requires a lot of commitment and patience.

User Reviews

Negative Review

This user says that he finds it difficult and uncomfortable to use the device.

Positive Review

But this user has found a way to get through the pain. He also claims that he uses the device up to 8 hours a day.

Can the Device Fix a Curved Penis?

The condition of having a curved penis is called Peyronie’s disease. It’s a lot more common than you think. Now, there are quite a few ways on how this condition can be fixed.

There’s a surgery that may be useful, but it’s costly, too intrusive, and very risky. Some pills claim to fix the problem, but there’s not enough evidence that this claim is valid.

Then there are natural penis extenders like SizeGenetics. This device may help fix a curved penis due to the way the device is used and applied. Studies still have to be performed to show how significant these effects are.

However, a lot of men have experienced seeing their curved penises gradually straighten after using penis extenders for long periods. That said, using a penis extender to help straighten your penis is worth a shot. 4

Packages and Pricing

There are four product packages that you can choose from. The inclusions in each kit are detailed below.

I) Value Edition ($274.95 regular price, $199.95 when on sale)

  • 1 x SizeGenetics Type 1 Medical Device
  • A full, no quibble, 1-year warranty
  • 1 x Product case
  • 1 x Dual function front piece
  • 1 x Comfort strap
  • 1 x Protection pad
  • 2 x Elongation bars 1in/2.5cm
  • 2 x Elongation bars 2in/5cm
  • 1 SizeGenetics quick start guide
  • Money-back confidence guarantee

II) Comfort Package ($399.95 regular price, $249.95 when on sale)

This contains everything in the Value Edition but also includes the following:

  • 1 x Luxury leather case
  • 1 x Silicone tube
  • 2 additional Elongation bars 2in/5cm
  • 2 x Elongation bars 0.5in/1.25cm
  • 1 x Set of keys
  • 1 x No-slip Protech
  • 1 x 3M advanced comfort plaster

III) Ultimate System ($499.95 regular price, $299.95 when on sale)

This contains everything in the Comfort package but also includes the following:

  • 1 x Travel case
  • 1 x Revita Cream moisturizing lotion
  • 1 x Traction Plus powder

IV) Curvature and Peyronie’s ($499.95 regular price, $299.95 when on sale)

This is very similar to the Comfort package, but it contains the following bonus items:

  • BONUS: 2 x Extra Silicone tube
  • BONUS: 1 x Gauze
  • BONUS: 1 x Extra Dual function front piece
  • BONUS: 1 x Extra 3M advanced comfort plaster

Final Verdict

SizeGenetics is one of the more popular penis extenders currently available in the market today. This is not surprising given the reputation of the manufacturer. However, just because a product is popular doesn’t mean it’s beneficial.

This device is the right product; there’s no doubt about that. It’s a well-designed product with a lot of tantalizing accessories. But you have to be realistic about your expectations.

Just like most penis extenders, the results vary from person to person. Some users say SizeGenetics helped them a lot. Some users say the device is ineffective.

As you can see, user reviews don’t always agree. The device works for many people, but some disagree. There’s only one way for you to find out if the device works for you. That is to try it out yourself and see the results.


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