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The medical professional behind the development of the ProExtender device is Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. An experienced medical scientist based in Denmark, Dr. Siana spent years studying, analyzing, and evaluating different methods on how to enlarge the male sexual organ. His studies eventually led to the design and development of the ProExtender.ProExtender Penis Extender Device and box

The main goal of the device is to provide controlled traction to the penis. The applied traction is mostly painless, harmless, and gentle. The body reacts to the pressure by multiplying tissue cells in the penis.

Over some time, this leads to the expansion of the tissues. Needless to say, additional tissues in the penis means it will likely grow both in length and girth. 1

The device’s simple design makes it easy to operate. However, before using the device, see to it that you have thoroughly read the instructions and recommendations put forth in the user’s manual.

The manufacturer recommends that you use the device for at least 4 hours during the first few days. You slowly increase the number of hours as your penis gets used to the traction and pressure of the device.

Benefits According to the Manufacturer

These are the results that you are supposed to get from using the device according to its developers and makers.

  • It’s safe to use, and it comes with minimal side effects.
  • It’s a penis enlargement method that isn’t too invasive.
  • The device assists in fixing and straightening penis curvatures.
  • You don’t feel discomfort or pain when wearing the device.
  • It provides additional satisfaction during sexual intercourse.
  • It improves erections.
  • It helps the penis gain more girth and length.
  • The gains in length and girth are permanent.

How the Device Works

Just like other penis enlargers, the ProExtender takes advantage of the traction principle in getting results. For several hours each day, a user applies a consistent load of traction to his penis using the device. In the process, cells in the muscles are stretched and expanded, sometimes to the point that they actually tear.

Isn’t muscle cells tearing apart bad to the body? No, since we are talking about micro-tears. The body responds to these micro-tears by immediately trying to repair them. Cells around the tears start dividing and replicating. This means that muscle mass will expand.

When performed daily, the traction and tearing caused by the ProExtender gradually increase muscle mass. Sustained usage should result in a longer and bigger penis. 2

How long before you can experience significant results? It depends. The biggest factors lie on the way you use the device and how much traction you apply.

Make sure to read the instructions very carefully before using the device. Based on the experience of people who have bought the device, you should use it for at least six months to see substantial results.

How to Use the Device

Again, read the instructions very well before proceeding. Application-wise, the device is very simple to use. Simply attach it to your penis then adjust it until you get the level of traction that you desire. The head of your penis will be protected by a flexible rubber ring which also acts as a comforter.

Applying traction is the most critical factor in using the device. The general rule is that you start low then gradually build up the traction as your penis gets more used to the device.

It’s also essential that you ask other users what they are doing to maximize their results. There’s a chance that you may be under-applying or over-applying the device.


These are the main advantages of using the ProExtender:

  • It’s a cheaper alternative to penis surgery. Undergoing surgery to enlarge your penis can cost you thousands of dollars not to mention the painful weeks of post-surgery recovery.
  • It’s one of the few penis extenders that sort of stood the test of time. Most penis extenders go out of the market in a year. ProExtender, on the other hand, has been around for several years now.
  • The simplicity of the device’s design makes it easy to assemble, use, and store. Just slip it to your penis, adjust the bars, and you’re done.
  • Lightweight and portable, you can use the device almost anywhere, including when you’re sleeping. The device feels intrusive and awkward at first, but your body will soon get used to the feeling.
  • It rarely causes pesky skin reactions. This depends on the sensitivity of your skin. Of course, there is always the risk that your skin will react negatively to the device’s metal and rubber parts.
  • The device is delivered to your doorstep in very discreet packaging. Nobody will be able to know what’s inside the box. If you purchase it via credit card, the statement won’t also show the particulars of what you bought.
  • The device may fix erectile dysfunction and curvature of the penis. I’ve used the word “may” here because there’s not enough data to show that the device actually helps in straightening a curved penis or in treating erectile dysfunction.


And here are the main drawbacks of using the device:

  • It’s a bit more expensive compared to other penis extenders that are currently available in the market. What you should know about these devices is that they usually have very similar designs and parts. In a lot of cases, the differences in prices are due to the brand that makes the devices.
  • It can take a long time before you get to see any significant results. We have mentioned earlier that you have to consistently wear the device for at least six months to see results. That’s a lot of invested time.
  • Using the device feels uncomfortable at first. You need to make adjustments with regards to the types of underwear and pants that you wear.
  • If you are going to urinate, you have to remove the device. This can become irritating, especially if you are someone who urinates many times a day. Furthermore, it can be challenging to engage in strenuous activities like gym workouts with the device still attached to your penis.
  • The device is made by a company based in Europe. That said, getting in touch with customer support can become difficult at times. And the customer support representatives are not native English speakers so it can take time for them to understand what exactly your complaints and problems are.

Negative Review

This review has been spotted online. A user is claiming no results after 1 year:

Proextender Review of No Improvement After 1 Year

Are the Results Permanent?

The company says that the results caused by the ProExtender device are permanent. However, this is not exactly true.

To understand this, you have to know how muscle cells and tissues work. Muscle growth doesn’t stay forever. Just look at bodybuilders. Gaining muscle mass doesn’t mean these gains will remain with them forever.

Yes, the ProExtender device will help you gain muscle growth in your penis. Still, you have to maintain these gains by consistently using the device. The way a bodybuilder keeps hitting the gym because if he doesn’t, he will start losing the muscles he worked very hard to gain.

Possible Side Effects

All penis extenders come with potential side effects. Don’t believe it when a manufacturer claims that their device is entirely risk-free.

However, the good thing about external penis enlargers like ProExtender is that they have minimal health risks. You don’t have to ingest anything. You don’t have to apply creams or other chemicals to your penis.

The risks are limited to your skin’s initial reactions to the device. Yes, your skin might strongly react to the device’s metal and rubber parts. You might also feel soreness during the first several days that you applied the device. But other than these, you really have nothing to be worried about. 3

And of course, you have to use the device the right way. Needless to say, if you use it the wrong way, you are going to experience some adverse effects.

For example, if you use too much traction in the first few days, of course, you are going to experience a lot of discomforts, pain even.


You have two options if you want to get your hands on a ProExtender device. You can either get the Original ProExtender or the more expensive Deluxe version.

Product Price Inclusions
Original ProExtender $299.95 – 1 penis enlargement device

– 1 set of 2-inch elongation bars

– Comfort strap

– Cardboard case

ProExtender Deluxe $399.95 – Everything in the Original Package

– Silicone tube strap

– Deluxe metal carrying box


  1. Jes Extender Gold – Just like ProExtender, this is a product designed and produced in Denmark. Its main features include a high-grade strap, adjustable rods with tension indication markers, and a contoured base ring.

The device promises its users a 28% average permanent growth. The device also claims to fit penis sizes between 2 to 10 inches.

  1. Phallosan Forte (our review) – This is a device that is quite different because it utilizes a suction bell instead of the noose extender that most penis devices use. But it works the same way, and you wear it the same way.

Reviews about the device are mostly positive. Some users claim that they saw significant gains in penis size in as fast as just two months. And because it uses a suction tube instead of a noose, the Phallosan Forte seems to be more effective in straightening curved penises.

  1. SizeGenetics Ultimate System (our review) – This is a device that is very similar to the ProExtender. Aside from increasing penis length and width, it also claims to straighten curved penises.

According to the manufacturer, the device fits sizes from 4-22 centimetres in the stretched flaccid state. This system also has the advantage of being a cleared medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


There are literally dozens of penis-enlarging products out there. Most of them look the same, and they usually flaunt similar features and functions. In all honesty, the ProExtender is just one of these products. There isn’t much that separates ProExtender from the competition so there’s no way to say how or why you should choose it over the others.

Mechanical penis extenders are not very complicated devices. They only have three or four simple parts. And they are all used in the same exact way.

That said, in choosing which device to get, you need to consider other factors like price, company reputation, and reviews by other users. On paper, the ProExtender tends to have an advantage over the competition with regards to these factors.


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