Phallosan plus+ Extender Reviews

Phallosan plus+ was designed to complement the Phallosan Forte penis extender.

phallosan plus extender separatedIt’s an extension device that will help you get more results from your Phallosan Forte. It enables you to use the extender more efficiently and flexibly.

phallosan plus packagingFor example, if you are not that satisfied with the pulling power of the Phallosan Forte, the Phallosan plus+ supplement enables you to increase the pulling power substantially.

It’s not required that you use the Phallosan plus+. Use it only if necessary and if you want more pulling power.

What the Phallosan plus+ does is extend and thicken your penis without any pain. It’s very durable because it can apply up to 4.8 kilograms of pulling power on your penis.

It can also assist in fixing curvature problems caused by Peyronie’s Disease. 1

Again, you have to keep in mind that this is a supplement to the Phallosan Forte. Whether you use it or not in combination with the main extender is up to you.

If the main extender is getting the results you desire, then there’s no need to use the Phallosan plus+.

But if you want more efficiency and flexibility, the Phallosan plus+ will help a lot. It will cost you more if you’re going to purchase the Phallosan plus+ on top of the main extender.

How to Use Phallosan plus+

ph plus contentsThere’s not much difference in using Phallosan Forte and Phallosan plus+. You follow the same procedure. Make sure to read the instruction manual before proceeding.

First of all, you need to pick the proper size for the sleeve condom. There are three sizes available for you to choose from – small, medium, and large.

Refer to the measuring template that arrives with the device. The template is complete with symbols and figures to guide you with the measurement process.

Only take measurements when your penis is flaccid. After taking measurements, you can now start using the device.

Follow the steps in the manual on how to put on the ball and the vacuum pump. Use the arrow symbols to align the device on your penis correctly.

With the vacuum pump and ball in place, you can now roll the condom sleeve. Be very careful when putting or removing the sleeve.

Although it’s made from durable materials, it can still tear apart if you use too much pressure in removing it. In the case of broken sleeve condoms, you can always contact the manufacturer for replacements.

After putting the sleeve condom, you can start pumping the vacuum to commence with the stretching and extending process. You can feel and see your penis stretching as the vacuum continues to pump.

Be reminded that the results you get from the pumping process are not reliant on how much force there is in the pump. Too much power in the pump can harm your penis.

You get results from regular and consistent use. This means putting on the device and letting it work for hours every single day. Stretching and building muscles in the penis takes time and commitment. 2

Results of Using the Device

This is a supplemental device, so it’s a bit more challenging to measure the results it generates. It’s supposed to improve the results of the main extender.

So far, the signs show that it helps users in maximizing their experiences from the Phallosan Forte.

It was designed to serve as an upgrade to the strongest points of the Phallosan Forte. So far, it has done its job well. It also serves as a backup device when your Phallosan Forte gets damaged and is deemed inoperable.


If you get the Phallosan plus+ as a standalone product, it will cost you $99 plus an additional shipping fee of $25. That’s a total of $124.

If you want to get the Phallosan plus+ and the Phallosan Forte as a combo package, the price for the two products will be $408 plus shipping cost of $25.

The Phallosan Forte costs $339, which means you save $30 off the value of the Phallosan plus+ if you avail of the combo package.phallosan forte plus package

Final Thoughts

The Phallosan plus+ is an excellent supplement for your Phallosan Forte if you are willing to pay the extra $99. If you are yet to purchase the Phallosan Forte, you should avail of the combo package to save $30 off the cost of the Phallosan plus+.

This extension helps you gain more results, more efficiency, and improved flexibility.


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