Phallosan Forte Extender Reviews

The Phallosan Forte is a penis extender designed and developed by Swiss Sana, a company based in Germany. According to the company, the device accomplishes three things.

phallosan forte product packageOne, it increases the length and girth of the penis. Two, it helps in straightening a curved penis. And three, it helps the user overcome erectile dysfunction by improving his arousal and the quality of his orgasm during intercourse.

The primary purpose of the Phallosan Forte is to extend and enlarge the male sexual organ. It’s a medical device. However, unlike most medical equipment, the device isn’t invasive. This means there are zero to little health risks involved.  

The company instructs users to wear the device daily for several months. Users can discreetly wear the extender under loose pants. They can even put it on before they go to sleep.  

There’s no extra medication needed. The device applies controlled pressure on the penis. When used regularly, its effects on the penis can be very significant. 1

How It Works

Extension of muscle tissues is the driving principle behind the Phallosan Forte. For illustration purposes, think of the various tribes in the African continent who can stretch and increase the length and sizes of particular body parts like the neck, the ear lobes, and the neck. 

Phallosan pull system

When subjected to constant tension and pressure, the muscle tissues in these body parts stretch, expand, and heal. 2

During the healing process, new muscle cells are created. This new growth of cells and tissues initiates the increase in size and length of the body parts.

Needless to say, if the process is applied to the penis, the penis will experience growth. 3

For the Phallosan Forte to achieve similar results, it has to be used over several months. When you get the results you desired, that doesn’t mean you should stop using the device.

You should keep on using the device if you want to maintain and retain these results. You have to keep in mind that muscle growth is not permanent. 

The great thing about the Phallosan Forte is that it comes with a unique stretching belt system that makes it easier to wear even if you live an active daily life.

You can wear it for eight hours or more each day without too much discomfort or misgivings.

How to Use the Device

Using the device properly is crucial to the quality of the results you get. Misuse the device, and you will get minimal results.

You might potentially harm your penis in the process as well. Below are the basics steps in wearing the Phallosan Forte properly:

  1. Horizontally position your flaccid penis then attach the tip to the protector cap.
  2. Get the glass bell, slowly fit the head of your penis into it, and then roll the rubber condom sleeve over it. You have to do this properly because it ensures that the penis will stay in place.
  3. Grab the orthopedic belt and stretch it in front of you while you adjust it based on your penis length. 
  4. To ensure that you are using the right suction bell, you have to measure the length of your penis when flaccid accurately. To get a more accurate measurement, you need to horizontally position your penis and measure the shaft beginning from the base of the trunk.
  5. After getting the right measurement, you can now put the pump in place. Use the arrows as your guide.
  6. After securing the pump, find the drawbar and slowly pull it back. Find the green valve and turn it towards the pump. This should activate the suction pump. With the pump finally enabled, you should also switch the green valve into the lock position.
  7. With everything locked and in place, grab the belt so that you can pull the foam ring back to the base of your penis. You can then attach it to the device.
  8. You are now good to go. Use the belt’s buckle to adjust the pressure and traction on your penis easily. If you attached the device and belt correctly, you shouldn’t be feeling any discomfort.


  • You can potentially increase the length of your penis by up to an inch if you are going to commit to the device for at least six months. You can also expect an improvement in your girth.
  • The device doesn’t require you to take extra steps like ingesting medication pills to achieve maximum results.
  • The device is discreet. It’s not noticeable even if you’re wearing your regular clothes. You can still wear the thing at work. You can also wear it when going to sleep.
  • The device can be used in most penis sizes. This is courtesy of the device’s easily movable parts and accessories.
  • It’s very comfortable to use. As was mentioned earlier, you can wear it under your regular clothes. For maximum comfort and concealment, you should wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • The device has proven to be effective in fixing Peyronie’s Disease. This is a condition that causes curvature in many men’s penises.
  • You can use the device for as long as you want. There’s no limit to the time you can wear it. Although the manufacturer recommends that you use it for at least four hours a day, you can go beyond by wearing it for 8 hours or even more.
  • The device can potentially help you if you have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • It helps you in gaining more confidence in bed. With a bigger penis, you will also gain better self-esteem. In the long run, this leads to better libido.


  • It takes time to get the results you want. To gain at least an inch of penis growth, you will have to use the device for six long months. You have to wear it every day for six months. 
  • The device is a bit more complicated compared to other penis extenders. It comes with more parts and accessories. With that said, putting it on also takes more time.
  • The manufacturer charges a shipping fee of $25. The cost can be a lot more if the device is to be shipped outside of the United States.
  • Because the device comes with more parts and accessories, there’s a higher risk of it being inoperable because of a damaged part or accessory.

Are the Results Worth It?

For most users of the device, they will start seeing some results at the three-month mark. This means three months of using the device at least four hours a day.

The result is usually an increase of about a half an inch. 4

If you keep using the device consistently for another three months, you can double the results for up to an inch of growth.

This is a considerable improvement length-wise. But this is not a guarantee. A lot of users achieve fewer improvements. 

Furthermore, when it comes to girth, the increase isn’t that much. There are a good number of reasons why this is the case. One, it’s tough to measure improvements in girth. And two, the design of the device is more focused on increasing penis length.

That said, whatever increase there is in circumference, it’s much less than the increase in length. 

User Reviews

Negative Review

This user says he has been using the extender for 8 hours a day for more than a year and got no results.

Positive Review

This user claims to notice improvements in his penis with just a week of wearing the extender. He also found the extender to be very comfortable to wear.

Are There Side Effects?

Keep in mind that Phallosan Forte is an external mechanical device, so it doesn’t pose any significant side effects to your body. The device was manufactured using skin-friendly materials.

That means you are generally safe unless you have skin allergies. The metal, plastic, and rubber parts of the device may cause a bit of irritation on your skin if you have allergies.

The device can feel awkward or even uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it as you use it more often. 

Most people who complain of experiencing pain when using the device often wore it the wrong way. This is why you must read the instruction carefully when strapping the device to your penis.

The device comes with a detailed user’s manual. Read it twice or even thrice to make sure that you understand everything.

Contents of the Package

phallosan forte package contents

  1. Elastic Belt

This belt is manufactured using materials that are both formaldehyde-free and non-allergenic. The silicone foam used on the belt’s ring is also non-allergenic.

Men of all waist sizes can wear the belt because it’s exceptionally elastic. The belt follows the contours of the body, so it’s challenging to loosen even when you are in the move.

  1. Suction Bells with Sleeve Condoms

These come in three different sizes – large (L), medium (M), and small (S). The basic kit contains three sizes. What size you use depends on the measurement of your glans.

There’s a reason why you get three sizes. As your glans expand and enlarge, you might need a larger suction bell and sleeve condom.

The suction bells are very durable and can last for a few years. The suction bell in M-size comes with an assembled tension clip.

  1. Two (2) Protector Caps 

These caps serve a purpose, and that is to make sure that you don’t harm your glans by using too much pressure on the vacuum. It also assists you in adjusting the device to the settings that best suit your needs. Just like the belt, the caps are made from elastic materials.

  1. Tension Clip

This clip features a fully calibrated pulling system. This system enables the device to transfer tension to the suction bell from the elastic belt. When using the system, the colors red, yellow, and green will indicate which tension setting is recommended for you.

  1. Suction Ball with 3-Way valve

This three-way-valve was integrated into the device so that you can easily adjust the settings while the device is in use.

For example, if you realize that the device is losing pressure, use the valve to increase the strength. You can regulate the pressure without having to detach the bell.

  1. Instructions Manual

This detailed manual provides you with all the information you need in assembling, using, and removing the device. Make sure to read it thoroughly before proceeding to use the device.

  1. Measuring Template 

 As discussed earlier in this article, accurately measuring the length of your penis is crucial to achieving the best results from the device. This measuring template will help you in getting accurate measurements.

  1. Travel bag 

This durable bag allows you to bring the device anywhere you go. Don’t worry; it’s a discreet bag. It doesn’t announce to the world what kind of device it contains.


The Phallosan Forte will cost you $339 and an additional $25 for shipping costs if you are purchasing the product within the United States.

The price remains the same if you are buying it outside of the U.S., but you will have to pay more for the shipping. Shipping cost depends on the country you are from.

Final Thoughts

Phallosan Forte is one of the oldest penis extenders available in the market today. It has been around for 18 years. This longevity has allowed the manufacturers to innovate and fine-tune the product based on feedback from users over the years. 

This alone gives the product an advantage over the competition. Longevity is not a guarantee for quality. But you can’t deny that the manufacturers have more experience and knowledge in the field given how long they have been in the industry. 

However, as with most devices of this type, you need to temper your expectations. A lot of men swear that they grew their penis an inch or more because of Phallosan Forte.

That doesn’t mean you will get the same significant results. There’s always the possibility that you will experience fewer effects.


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