Max Performer Pills Real Reviews

Max Performer is the flagship product of Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd.

It is a male enhancement natural supplement that has been around for more than four years. Because of the company’s reputation and market longevity, Max Performer is a well-known product in the male enhancement pill industry.

max performer boxesSince its launch in 2015, the product has built a sizable following. Easy to ingest and readily available, the pill has seen consistent growth during the last few years.

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You have probably never heard of Max Performer before. That’s understandable because they don’t do much marketing. In terms of brand awareness, they lag behind other brands like VigRx Plus and Male Extra.

However, don’t discount Max Performer just because the company behind it isn’t that active in promoting it. It’s a pill that you should definitely check out and try especially if you are currently using other enhancement pills that aren’t generating substantial results.

Promised Benefits

The makers of the pill claim that if you use the pills as prescribed and following the proper dosage, you are going to experience the following benefits:

  • Improved sexual desire. You will be in the mood for sex more often than usual. You will have more energy and you will less likely to get tired.
  • Stronger erections. If you are having problems in getting erections, Max Performer will help you get your libido back. The pills also promise to provide you with harder and thicker erections.
  • More intense orgasms. If you experience stronger erections, this means that blood circulation in your penis is more efficient. It follows that your orgasms will also be stronger and more intense.
  • Better stamina. The pills contain ingredients that specifically help you stay and perform longer during sexual intercourse. You can double or even triple your stamina.
  • More sex leads to a renewed romantic relationship with your significant other. It’s no secret that a huge number of couples separate because of the lack of sex. Max Performer will help you and your fiancée get all the sex you want.

How It Works

The secret in the efficacy of Max Performer pills lies in its ingredients. Carefully chosen and blended are 13 different ingredients. All of these ingredients have been in one way or another proven to have positive effects to penis health and sexual vigor in men.

The nutrients contained in the ingredients assist men in dealing with sex-related problems. A lot of men suffer from sexual conditions because of nutrient deficiencies. Male enhancement pills like Max Performer help in fixing these deficiencies.

The nutrients in Max Performer also have corrective and regulative capabilities. The fact that you ingest the pills means they have an effect on your body’s metabolism. They have effects on your blood circulation, hormones, and testosterone levels. All of these are directly related to your sexual health.


Max Performer boasts of an ingredient list that features items known for their sexual-boosting attributes. All of these ingredients are natural and have been proven through studies to have positive effects on male sexual libido.

  • Horny Goats Weed – A single tablet of Max Performer contains 1000 milligrams of this extract. It’s rich in Icariin, a compound which has the ability to inhibit the release of PDE5. PDE5 is one of the culprits responsible for reducing blood flow in the body. If you get rid of PDE5, there will be more efficient blood circulation in your body. This means stronger and harder erections because of the improved blood circulation in the penis. 1
  • Maca – This is a powerful aphrodisiac that has been used for hundreds of years to improve libido and treat erectile dysfunction. Numerous studies have confirmed its positive effects on male sexuality and fertility. A tablet of Max Performer also contains 1000 milligrams of this potent ingredient. 2
  • Red Korean Ginseng – This ingredient is most well-known for its immune-boosting attributes. It can also kickstart a person’s energy levels. This is where it can help men improve their sexual lives. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often notice improvements from the condition after taking Korean Red Ginseng in the form of pills and supplements. Studies also back this claim. 3
  • Cordyceps – This fungus has various benefits for the human body. However, the main reason why it’s used in male supplements is that it can enhance communication between cells as well as improve oxygen uptake. This will in turn improve blood circulation in the male sexual organ. Better circulation means stronger erections, longer stamina, and more intense orgasms.
  • Bioperine – Extracted from black pepper, this ingredient has very powerful effects when combined with other potent ingredients. It improves the body’s absorption of herbal extracts and water-soluble vitamins. The addition of this extract in the ingredients list of Max Performer pills means your body will be more effective in absorbing the other ingredients in the list. In short, Bioperine helps the other ingredients achieve their purposes.
  • Selenium – This is an antioxidant. It makes it easier for old and defective cells in your body to break down. This improved your overall health and that includes the health of your penis. Tissues in your penis will be more relaxed. Blood flow will improve. And the symptoms of erectile dysfunction will recede. Furthermore, studies have shown that selenium can increase levels of testosterone in the body. 4
  • Zinc – There’s a reason why almost all male enhancement products have zinc as an active ingredient. This nutrient plays a very important role in keeping the prostate healthy and functioning. A direct link between zinc and testosterone levels has been established by science. If you have very low levels of zinc, your testosterone levels will also drop. This leads to sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 5
  • Pantothenic Acid – Pantothenic Acid has the unique responsibility of boosting protein levels in the blood. When this happens, more oxygen is transported through the blood supply. This has a direct effect on your penis because the richer your blood is with oxygen, the firmer your erections become.
  • Pyridoxine HCL – This is just a different name for Vitamin B6. This vitamin has two main responsibilities. One, it produces the hormone serotonin. Two, it helps create new red blood cells. For this reasons, this is a very common dietary supplement. Deficiency in Vitamin B6 can lead to loss of sexual drive.
  • Iron – Iron deficiency decreases sexual arousal and desire. It also leads to reduced stamina and a lack of focus. You can deal with these problems by taking enough doses of iron. Although a dose of Max Performer contains just 14 milligrams of iron, your body will absorb most of it when combined with Bioperine, another active ingredient in the pill.
  • Niacin – It’s a known fact that men with high cholesterol levels are the ones who often suffer from erectile dysfunction. Now, Niacin is a vitamin that is commonly used to help people with high cholesterol levels. That said, if you take Niacin, not only are you reducing your body’s cholesterol levels, you are also helping yourself recover from conditions affecting the penis. 6
  • Riboflavin – Max Performer pills contain a small quantity of this ingredient and for good reason. There isn’t a direct relationship between Riboflavin and improvement in male performance. However, the body needs Riboflavin as a vital vitamin for overall health.
  • Cyanocobalamin – This is an artificial version of Vitamin B12 which can be found in sources like salmon, ham, and tuna. It helps in fighting fatigue by maintaining healthy blood cells and improving the body’s metabolism. A direct effect of this is a boost in the person’s sexual capabilities. You will have more stamina in bed.

Media Perception


  • It’s one of the highest rated male enhancement supplements in the market today. These positive reviews speak for themselves. These favourable feedback have been consistent ever since the product was released back in 2015.
  • It has very minimal side effects. Most users don’t experience any negative reactions to the pills. This is mostly due to the product’s natural ingredients.
  • They have excellent customer support. They usually reply to customer queries within 12 to 24 hours. If you send them an email, you can expect a reply within a day. You don’t just receive a reply from an automated bot.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee within 100 days. You can use the pills for 100 days. If you are not satisfied with the results within this period, you can request for a full refund.
  • The ingredients are backed by science. All of the ingredients used in the production of the pills have been proven through scientific studies that they have beneficial effects on male sexual health.
  • The company offers free shipping not only for customers in the United States. Anyone from anywhere in the world can order and avail of the free shipping offer.
  • They offer discounts for huge orders. The discounts you get depends on the number of boxes you order. If you order 3 boxes, you will save $69. If you order 6 boxes, you will save $214.


  • It’s a premium supplement so it’s more expensive compared to other male enhancement pills in the market. A box with 60 tablets will cost you $69. The good news is that you can cut a lot off the price by purchasing in bulk.
  • It can take a long time before you experience significant results. The manufacturers recommend that you take two tablets a day. You need to follow the routine for several months.
  • The pills can only be bought online from the company’s official website. This can become problematic because there are instances when they run out of stock. You want to order to replenish your pills but you have to wait. You can buy from resellers but these are usually more expensive and the money-back guarantee is no longer in effect.


max performer 1 pillsDosage information about the pills can be found at the back of the box. One box which contains 60 tablets will last you for exactly one month. This means that you have to take two tablets a day. Preferably one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Take the tablets with a full glass of water. You have to space them out. For example, if you take the first tablet at 8:00 in the morning, you should take the next one at around 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon.

You should also follow the same time every day. If you take the pills at 8:00 am and 5:00 pm today, then you should follow the same schedule in the coming days. To make it easier to stick to a routine, many men take the pills during meal-times. One at breakfast and one during dinner.

Don’t try to go beyond what’s prescribed by the manufacturers. They recommend taking two tablets a day. So don’t take three tablets a day. Taking more tablets doesn’t mean you’ll get more results.

Side Effects

Ingesting Max Performer pills is safe courtesy of its natural ingredients. However, there’s a possibility that you can experience some side effects if you are taking another medication. The male enhancement pills may interact with the other pills you are taking.

To avoid this risk, it’s advisable that you consult with a physician before taking the male enhancement pills. Consult your doctor if the pills might cause negative interactions with your other medications.

You should also stick to the prescribed dosage. Don’t take more than two pills a day. Follow the instructions of the company. If you take more than two pills a day, you can potentially cause harm to yourself.

Pricing and Packages

max performer pills opened packageYou can choose from three packages. Keep in mind that you can only avail of these packages through the company’s official website.

  • One-Month Supply ($69) – Contains 1 box, 60 tablets. If you want to test the product first and see how your body reacts within one month, this package is for you.
  • Three-Months Supply ($138) – Contains 3 boxes, 180 tablets. To maximize the results you get from the pills, you should start with this package. You should be able to see significant results after taking the pills for three straight months.
  • Six-Months Supply ($200) – Contains 6 boxes, 360 tablets. The biggest benefit of availing of this package is that you are going to save $214.  That’s the equivalent of a 50% discount on the six boxes.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend the Max Performer for men looking for a high-quality male enhancement supplement. However, I would only recommend the pills to those who are willing to take them for as long as three to six months.

Max Performer is not an instant or magic solution. You can’t expect to get results after a few days or weeks. If you are looking for quick solutions, Max Performer pills are not for you.

The ingredients in the Max Performer pills are not exactly ground-breaking. You can find the ingredients in most male supplements. However, the makers of Max Performer have found a way to blend the ingredients and come up with a more potent product.

The pills also work for both the old and the young. Of course, if you are older, it can take a little bit more time for the pills to work. So keep your expectations realistic. To maximize the results you get, you should stick to the two-pills-a-day routine and keep at it for up to six months.


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