Bulge Enhancer – Product Test

A new product hitting the market called The Big Boy Bulge Enhancer is promising to give men the appearance of a bigger crotch. But does it really work? We hit the beach with a speedo wearing male swimsuit model and tested it out. While we were there, we ran into this BEAUTIFUL 18 year old girl who issued a surprising final opinion on the bulge enhancer. PS She got REALLY close to it.

Consultant Surgeon John Pereira tells us about himself, his work and what lead him to help people through reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
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27 thoughts on “Bulge Enhancer – Product Test

  1. Even that enhancer did nothing for him.. all it did was show a lil more ‘ridge’. Nice body.. short changed otherwise.

  2. i like how the family near the edge of the water “can’t help but stare”…. UM no shit. people don’t walk around at night in a white speedo. i mean the family isn’t even in swimwear.

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